There is excitement in the air at Life Skills. Today is the beginning of our 1st Annual Book Fair! This adventurous project has been spearheaded by Chrystine Caldwell, a valued Life Skills staff member. She had a vision and made it come to life! Chrystine planned, coordinated and put together every part of this venture. We are so excited for our clients.

When planning the book fair Chrystine made sure to incorporate teachable moments in every part of the book fair experience for our clients. The opportunity for money management, counting, taking turns, social interactions, cooperation and choices are going to be part of the book fair experience. Chrystine made sure there were all levels of books available to our clients. The items available are easy reads, mid level reads, chapter books, holiday books, education books, adult coloring books, and some word search books. There will also be highlighters, pens, pencils, erasers, note pads and a few surprises! Each client will also receive a stress ball, and couple of bookmarks as they are exiting the book fair.

We are also having a bookmark contest. The clients had the opportunity to design their own bookmark and everyone will vote for their favorite one!

This book fair was made possible by Chrystine Caldwell and donations. If you would like to learn more about donating to the CVH/Life Skills program you can contact Kandi L. Dubuque at or call (828) 695-2150.