Donation Wish List

Donation Wish List for CVH Transitional Housing Programs

Donations of new and used items for our transitional housing programs are always very much appreciated. The people we serve in these programs are often starting over from scratch and rebuilding their lives.  

 Here is a list of our most needed items: 

  • Furniture and household items
  • Linens – bed sets, blankets, bath towels, wash clothes, kitchen towels etc.
  • Hygiene and toiletries – shampoo/conditioner, toothbrushes, brushes/combs. body wash, face wash
  • Clothing of all sizes – Socks, Underwear/boxers (preferred new), T shirts, pants, dress clothes, shoes
  • Journals, puzzles, art supplies, etc
donation wish list

Contact Tiffany Randazza for information on how and where to donate.