Catawba Valley Healthcare is an independent, comprehensive, non-profit healthcare organization that offers a wide range of whole-person healthcare and services that integrate physical and mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integrated Care and what does it mean to Catawba Valley Healthcare?

Here at Catawba Valley Healthcare, we strive to treat each person the way we would want one of our own loved ones to be treated – with compassion, competence, and commitment to excellence. CVH’s mission is to support healthier communities by providing a wide range of whole-person healthcare that integrate physical and mental health. We promote the strengths of those we serve by encouraging independence and advocacy. At the same time, we support those who are, or may become, vulnerable due to the lack of access to healthcare. We support those who are, or may become, marginalized due to social, economic, or medical conditions. 

We recently changed our name from Catawba Valley Behavioral Healthcare to Catawba Valley Healthcare (CVH) to emphasize whole-person treatment that integrates primary care and behavioral healthcare, recognizing that the mind and body work together and must be treated together to achieve the best health outcomes.

This is what integrated care means to us at Catawba Valley Healthcare.

How do I add or change my PCP (primary care provider) to Catawba Valley Healthcare?

Contact our front desk staff at CVH and we will provide you with a form to sign: (828) 695-5900.

How does NC Medicaid Transformation affect Medicaid patients who want to be seen at Catawba Valley Healthcare? Does CVH still serve all Medicaid patients?

Yes, Catawba Valley Healthcare serves existing and new Medicaid patients. 

The Medicaid Transformation in NC was a move to managed care by the North Carolina Department of Health and Services Department. This move was made “to build an innovative health care delivery system that puts the health of beneficiaries at the forefront.” For more information on Medicaid Transformation, click here at  

Catawba Valley Healthcare is proud to continue its healthcare services to Medicare beneficiaries in the new managed care system as well as those outside of it.

See below for commonly asked questions about NC Medicaid Transformation:

Who can I contact for free information about NC Medicaid Managed Care and transitioning to this program?

Contact a NC Medicaid Ombudsman for free information about NC Medicaid Managed Care at (877) 201-3750 or online at

How do I change from the plan I have chosen?

Call the Enrollment Broker at (833) 870-5500 or visit You can change your plan for any reason until September 30, 2021.

I receive services at Connections Clubhouse, Lifeskills Day Program, or ACT Team and need to stay in Medicaid Direct. How do I do that?

Do not lose your services on July 1, 2021!  Request to stay in Medicaid Direct by submitting a form at .

How do I access transportation through my new plan?

Call your plan’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation number:

  • AmeriHealth Caritas Member Services:  (855) 375-8811
  • Carolina Complete ModivCare: (855) 397-3601
  • Healthy Blue ModivCare: (855) 397-3602
  • United Healthcare ModivCare: (855) 397-3604
  • WellCare One Call: (877) 598-7602

Who do I call if I am experiencing a mental health emergency?

Call your plan’s Behavioral Health Emergency number:

  • AmeriHealth Caritas: 833-712-2262
  • Carolina Complete: 855-798-7093
  • Healthy Blue: 844-594-5076
  • United Healthcare: 877-614-0484
  • WellCare: 833-207-4240

We look forward to meeting your needs. If you have any questions or need to make an appointment, please call Catawba Valley Healthcare at (828) 695-5900.