Catawba Valley Healthcare is an independent, comprehensive, non-profit healthcare organization that offers a wide range of whole-person healthcare and services that integrate physical and mental health.

Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services

Catawba Valley Healthcare is a non-profit comprehensive primary care provider offering high-quality primary care services to Catawba and Burke counties. 

Recognized as a leader in integrated care for body and mind, CVH provides evidence-based health services and respects the dignity and rights of the individuals we serve. Our primary care patients also have access to a full range of outpatient mental health and behavioral healthcare services from our on-site providers.

Our primary care team knows that confidence and trust are earned, not assumed. Your primary care provider is the medical professional you partner with for your healthcare needs, ranging from annual wellness checks, preventive care, and chronic and acute care to the coordination of your care with other medical specialists. Your primary care provider works with you from diagnosis to treatment. Your provider is your advocate and the front-line guardian of your health care.

Umpai Tidrow, DO

Our primary care clinic at Catawba Valley Healthcare becomes your healthcare home and your healthcare team. Your entire primary care team includes your provider, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, and pharmacists. And of course, it includes you.

In times of wellness or illness, you can count on care from providers who know you well. With a healthcare home and a healthcare team, your needs will be met in a convenient and supportive way, and your care with specialists will be better coordinated.


The advantages of having a primary care home with Catawba Valley Healthcare include:


  • Whole-person integrated care. Your primary care team takes the time to listen to your particular concerns and questions, which may include medical, social, familial, social, nutritional, or drug-related issues.
  • Improved access to care. Having access to a care team means convenience. Sometimes, what you need can be delivered by telephone support with a nurse or medical assistant. If you need to see a provider, you’ll be scheduled as soon as possible. Your care team can determine the best route of care for your situation depending on your need at the time, be it an exam, vaccination, or refill.
  • Effective management of routine, acute, chronic, and specialty issues. Your primary care team will follow up with you if you’ve had a hospital stay and need support during your recovery. Your team can help you learn to manage multiple chronic conditions more effectively.
  • Coordinated care with specialists. If you need specialty care, your primary care team can connect you with the proper support and partner with you on your overall care plan.
  • Coordinated care with community resources. Your care team can coordinate community resources that fit your needs, lifestyle, and family circumstances.
  • Medication Management. CVH provides ongoing medication management for all our primary care patients who take numerous medications for chronic conditions. 

Lab Tests

CVH provides on-site lab collections ranging from CBC, BMP, CMP, Hep/Liver Panels, and more. All lab tests are sent to LabCorp for processing except for urine pregnancy, urine drip, and urine drug tests, which are done in-house. 

For insured patients, we can draw your labs during your primary care visit before 4:30 pm daily or at a later date and time if instructed by your provider. For uninsured patients, we can refer you to Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry for your lab needs. 

Telehealth Appointment Calls

All of our primary care appointments are usually conducted in person in our clinical setting. However, if you cannot come into the clinic for whatever reason, call our office to see if your appointment can be scheduled as a telehealth visit via telephone or the internet. A telehealth visit might be needed for an immune-compromised individual during high-risk periods of covid or the flu, for example. 

Catawba Valley Healthcare looks forward to welcoming you as an ongoing patient in our Primary Care practice and providing you with the best care possible.

Whether you are healthy, sick, or living with a chronic condition, our primary care providers are here to provide you with whole-person, integrated care to support all your healthcare needs.

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